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Interaction Design: RiskOrigins

Website: Moody's Analytics RiskOrigins

[Work samples will be provided upon request]

Moody’s Analytics RiskOrigins is a workflow-driven software platform that allows commercial lenders to streamline and standardize the commercial credit underwriting process.
Role: As the lead interaction designer for RiskOrigins, my role was to design an intuitive solution for loan origination officers to make critical decisions about loan applications. I led a team of 2 designers and 1 technical writer in creating new designs as well as making enhancements to the existing product.
Tools used: Balsamiq, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks
Design Direction:
I identified the main challenges faced by various teams in the entire loan origination process. After identifying the main gaps and breakdowns, I was able to define the design direction.
  • RiskOrigins will be used by different teams in the bank to assess risks that influence the decision of lending loans to customers. The main challenge was to provide flexibility for different user types to work efficiently on a single credit application.
  • Users faced a lot of complexities and inefficiencies in traditional loan application processes so they needed a tool to make them more productive, avoid errors in loan applications and efficiently pass the loan application between teams.
User Research Methodologies:
  • I interviewed loan officers in order to gain a better understanding of their daily routines and tasks. Based on several users, personas were created. These personas helped the product teams understand the loan origination process better and empathize with users.
  • I conducted a thorough study of the loan application process in banks and associated methodologies in order to identify the main challenges.

  • Design process:
    • I designed lo-fidelity design concepts reflecting clients' requirements and shared them internally with product teams. The initial lo-fidelity designs helped brainstorm further and weed out the complexities in the product. These designs were revised based on further interviews with product managers and users.
    • Next, I created and presented hi-fidelity mockups showing the functionality and visual design to the internal teams and the largest client
    • I used storyboards to illustrate the various user journeys and introduce RiskOrigins to stakeholders including sales engineers and potential users.
    Sample Mockups:
    I designed the following samples to demonstrate high-level visibility into important data, ability to make important decisions and ease of navigating to different sections easily. I presented two main user journeys to internal and external stakeholders. Users validated the usefulness of such a tool and these designs were integrated into the product.

    Outcome: The new RiskOrigins designs reduced the loan approval time significantly, provided users a smooth, seamless experience and simplified several complicated and time-consuming tasks.
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