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Interaction Design: RiskConfidence

Website: Moody's Analytics RiskConfidence

[Work samples will be provided upon request]

About: The RiskConfidence solution offers integrated enterprise balance sheet management for interest rate risk, funds transfer pricing and liquidity risk management.
Role: Lead interaction designer and user researcher

Example of persona and lo-fidelity wireframe created for RiskConfidence

Design Process:
  • RiskConfidence was added to the Moody's Analytics' suite of enterprise risk solutions as an asset and liability management product. Industry and product experts provided the vision for the product. Additionally, users of similar tools were consulted to understand balance sheet analysis.
  • Other balance sheet management tools were studied to understand product offerings and evaluated for usability.
  • Requirements from product experts were translated into lo-fidelity design. Based on the feedback the lo-fidelity designs were either revised or converted into hi-fidelity mockups.
  • Complex features were tested internally for ease-of-use and ensuring that the product behavior was as desired.
  • Designs were finalized based on the outcome of the testing and product experts' inputs. These designs were presented to developers via storyboards.
  • UX team supported developers and QA through the process of implementing the designs.
Outcome: Moody's Analytics successfully produced its first balance sheet management tool. The tool surpassed competitors in various aspects. This product is currently being bundled with a stress testing package to extend its capabilities
Tools used: Balsamiq, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Dreamweaver
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