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Master's HCI Project: Food Buddha

Website: Food Buddha
About: Stocking up large quantities of food can help reduce expenses, however, can be difficult to manage and lead to food wastage. Food Buddha is aimed at helping people organize their food storage better, reducing wastage, manage expiring food efficiently and access other food related information
Role: Interaction designer and user researcher
Design Challenges:
  • A wide variety of potential users were interviewed for thier food management practices. Narrowing down to the main user type was a challenge because each category had very different but valid requirements from such an app.
  • Tracking food purchases and items stored in the refrigerator/ pantry require manual data entry. This makes the food management process seem laborious.

Food Buddha prototype

Users: Individuals who keep large food storage as well as vendors, food coops,small restaurants and students
Design Process:
  • Contextual Inquiry: Through interviews we wanted to have a clear understanding of food storage and management problems people face.
  • Personas and Scenarios: Findings from the contextual inquiry and an affinity diagramming exercise were used to create Personas
  • Lo-fidelity design: Paper skteches for the initial concepts included features that users expressed as most useful or necessary.
  • Hi-fidelity prototype: Based on peer feedback and more brainstorming lo-fi designs were revised and translated into more final screens using Axure.
  • User Testing: An interactive prototype was tested with users to validate the usefulness and usability of the app. It also helped us identify valuable features that could be added.
Outcome: The team idenfied an opportunity for an app that helps reduce food wastage. Two key user groups identified were working professionals who used a shared office fridge and students. Food wastage is a huge issue across the country and this app can help many individuals and shared food storage users to reduce wastage, manage their nutrition and plan their grocery shoppping efficiently.
Tools: Axure, Illustrator, Photoshop
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